Benefits of natural ingredients in makeup

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Cosmetic laboratories are increasingly betting on making their products with natural and vegetable ingredients, thus creating natural cosmetics. They are cosmetics of all kinds that are made to provide us with all the benefits of nature.

Basically, consumers are tired of reading labels with dozens of ingredients with unpronounceable names, ingredients created in a laboratory that accelerate the effects of these creams but, in turn, can cause dermatological problems, allergies, and, simply, are chemicals that our skin and our hair absorb.

More and more people are attracted to natural cosmetics. In some cases, because certain skin problems and intolerance to chemical substances force us to seek healthier options such as natural cosmetics. In other cases, because our conscience and sensitivity require a commitment to the environment, ecology, responsible consumption, and more supportive and fair market systems.

A natural cosmetic tries as much as possible to resemble the lipid mantle of our skin, and here we have the most essential virtue of the natural product, which seeks to integrate substances that have the greatest possible affinity with the biochemical composition of our skin.

An ecological makeup not only implies the use of natural ingredients for its elaboration but also that these have been cultivated by means of ecological techniques. Hence, this variety of cosmetics is more careful and less aggressive for our skin, since it entails the absence of synthetic or artificial additives.

And there is nothing better than going to nature to take care of us, chamomile to deflate the skin, honey to give it light, lemon to clean our hair, avocado to hydrate it, coffee to give us smoothness ... The ingredients are endless and its benefits too.


Advantages of natural cosmetics

  • They do not contain synthetic aromas, preservatives or artificial perfumes.

  • It adapts very well to our skin type due to the greater affinity of its components with our epidermis.

  • Regenerates, cares, and protects the skin effectively.

  • It has a softer, less aggressive effect than conventional cosmetics.

  • Natural cosmetics also have benefits for the environment since their manufacture does not cause harmful chemical residues for the environment by not using petroleum products.

  • It has no side effects and it does not produce any type of allergies, so anyone can use it.

Benefits of natural cosmetics

  1. Preserving the environment: There is no exploitation or abuse of natural resources, but a commitment to production systems that respect the natural growth cycles of plants. As the objective is to reduce the impact that the human being causes on the environment and maintain biodiversity, it is sought that the entire life stage of the cosmetic product is sustainable, which is why recyclable components are chosen. Let's reduce our footprint on the planet!

  1. Respect for animals: It may seem like a very basic premise, but unfortunately many of the cosmetics that you can find in the usual points of sale do not meet this requirement. However, in organic products, animals are covered throughout the entire process involved in creating a cosmetic, because they are not allowed to experiment with them or use them to test products.

  1. Community development: If you buy fair trade cosmetics, you get small producer groups to sell the fruits of their work in the fields at a fair price, making their crops a means of ensuring education for their sons and daughters or health for their families. Bet on them!

  1. Skin benefit: The fact of using natural products makes the skin tolerate it better and absorbs everything we put on it, so the skin is not only more permeable and active but using products that do not clog the pores make the skin receive absolutely all product making the results visible and that its application is 100% beneficial.

  1. It has more active ingredients: Many traditional brands use filler ingredients during their manufacture, this means that they do not have any “beneficial” function on the skin since it does not provide anything special, it is only used to reduce costs. It is not the same to use mineral oil derived from petroleum that does not have any active ingredient than almond oil that has 100% active ingredients.

  1. The effect is superior: When we apply a product on the skin where everything is active, everything has a function, the skin will react much better, making each and every one of them perform the specific function for which it was formulated and therefore the results will be much faster and more effective.


The use of natural ingredients makes the products suitable for any type of hair or skin. In addition to caring and regenerating, a natural product provides several benefits, these are:

The manufacture of natural cosmetics does not generate chemical wastes that affect nature. This is so because it does not use petroleum products and in principle uses recycled materials.

Using a mineral oil derived from petroleum is not the same as using an almond oil that has active ingredients. When you apply a product full of active ingredients, the skin will react much better. This happens because all the principles perform the specific function for which they have been formulated. So, the results will be much faster and more effective.

Many products of conventional cosmetics solve the problem with chemical ingredients. But these do have side effects such as allergies, redness, and irritation.

By using natural products the skin tolerates them better, this causes it to absorb everything. In addition, ecological cosmetics do not clog the pores and make the skin more permeable and active.

You already know that nature is free of preservatives and synthetic aromas. In turn, it does not use artificial additives and is 100% toxic free.

A natural cosmetic is the closest thing to the lipid layer of the skin. There is nothing better than nature to take care of yourself.

If you are one of those people who have not yet tried natural cosmetics, we invite you to live a new experience making your own products and using natural and ecological substances that your skin and your body, in general, will appreciate over time.

Do not think that being natural is less effective.

Sonia Corredor/Shimarz Blog Writer 

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