Best Makeup Tips for women over 50

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When you reach a certain age you have many things clear. You know that tequila is almost always a bad idea, that there are certain trends that, no matter how fashionable, do not feel good and you are also aware that investing in good heels and a good bra can change your look. Instead, what you may not be clear about is how to make your makeup make you look younger. When the skin matures it changes color and texture, so the makeup tricks of when we were twenty years old and we did not serve. Take note of the new tips for this age.


Well-hydrated skin

With age, the loss of water from the skin is a fact. The use of treatments that deeply hydrate and nourish is essential. Choose a makeup base that contains hyaluronic acid in its formula, which helps retain moisture from the skin and the previous state of dehydration. Flee from compact makeup and fluids with a matt finish, since they will reduce the juiciness of the finish.

Preparing your skin with moisturizer and concealer is the first step in the application of makeup for people 50 years. Do not miss this step because the moisturizer and concealer fill your skin, making your fine lines less visible. Always read the labels and get a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid.

An extra light

You can directly apply a brightening pre-base, which can also help you set the makeup. And, if you want to brighten your face a little more, choose creamy illuminators whose particles are not too obvious, as the metallic, shiny or frosty finishes emphasize the expression lines.

Beware of dust

From 50 you should be moderate with the use of powders, as they accentuate the wrinkles of the face. As for the sun, you better forget about them, as they mark the expression lines and harden the features.

Too much facial powder can make your skin look like cake and your most prominent wrinkles. You can use just a little to dust off your T zone to eliminate shine and on your eyelids to prevent the eyeliner from wrinkling.

Otherwise, the application of facial powder is a strict no-no. In fact, it is better to switch to creamy formulas because, with age, your skin tends to dry out. Powders only work well on oily and combination skin. Whether it's a base, blush or any other makeup product for your face, opt for cream-based formulas.

Replace the black pencil

There is a moment in life when you have to say goodbye to the color black. Dark brown has the impact of black, but it melts better on the face. Apply it in the line of the upper lashes, raising it slightly in the corner of the corner and so you will open your eyes.

Liquid eyeliners may seem too rough on your mature skin. Instead, switch to an eyeliner pencil. Create smooth lines using it. You can even stain the line with a brush.


Do not forget the area under the eyes.

Swelling below the eye and dark circles are two of the biggest complaints among women over 50. Use an eye cream to treat swelling and a color concealer to hide dark circles. Apply the color corrector first and then place the base on it.

Curl your eyelashes

Yes! Don't forget to play with those tabs! Curl them with an eyelash curler. This is the best way to pop your eyes. And if you know how to play with false eyelashes, nobody can stop you from killing yourself! Another great trick is to heat the curling iron with a dryer for only 3 seconds and then use it. This will make it easier for you to curl the eyelashes without any problem.

Do not skip the eyelash curler, as these tend to lose their curvature over time and ends with mascara to open your eyes. Of course, it is better that you leave the black one for special occasions and that in your day to day use dark brown.

Fill your lips


As you age, you will notice that your lips become thinner. Nothing works better than a lip gloss to give them a plump appearance. Add a brushstroke of lip gloss on your lipstick to achieve that plump look


A touch of color on your cheeks


Only a slight touch of blush on the apples of your cheeks can illuminate your face instantly. Liquid or cream blush is the best option for skin aging. Choose one that has no shine or sparkles, as these tend to settle on your wrinkles and lines. Just apply it a little and mix well. It shouldn't be obvious that you wear blush.


Play with your features.


If you like makeup, you know what the contour is. The idea is to use a bronzer and a contour brush to define your face and highlight the best areas. Create shadows and highlight the best features of your face, such as the jaw and cheekbones. This can also be used to minimize any feature of your face, such as thin lips or double chin.


Take care of your eyebrows.


Well defined eyebrows make you look younger. They make you look like you underwent a face lift surgery without having to go through the operating room. However, do not overload your eyebrows as they do not grow back easily.


Be natural!


When you've crossed 50, less is more. Do not limit yourself to accumulating too many products. Thick lipstick, base layers, eyeliner: too much makeup will destroy the elegance of your face. Keep it natural and light.




Because that is the best makeup! If you are not satisfied with the interior, no amount of makeup can make you beautiful. If you work in your inner being and are happy from within, it will automatically reflect on your face.  Everyone has skin related problems in their 50s. But, just because you have crossed the 50 does not mean you have to let go. Keep surprising yourself and others too!


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