How to Apply Setting powder

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Setting powder is the last step in a makeup routine. It fixes it, removes excess shine, softens and blurs the texture (such as fine lines, acne marks, and dilated pores). It acts as a layer of perfection, like a mini airbrush session for your face. The colorless powder does not add additional pigment, so there is no caking, especially when applied for touch-ups during the day.


Setting powder are a make-up product, other than compact powders, whose main function is to seal it, thus prolonging its duration, in addition to getting the makeup to be perfect and the appearance of our precious sea skin. But if these powders are characterized by something, it is because they manage to control very well the appearance of face shine, especially those that appear in the so-called "T Zone". In my opinion, it is a great and very functional product, and in addition, (although there is confusion on this issue), they DO NOT bring any color to the skin, they simply mattify and unify the tone of our skin.

My recommendation is that you always use it as a last step to seal your makeup perfectly. Thus, we will make it last all day. I recommend them for all skin types, although perhaps sometimes skins with excess shine, (usually more oily skin), will greatly appreciate using this product, because it helps us to show a more careful and embellished face.

It is especially useful for combining your makeup, such as when you have triggered joints between your blush and your bronzer. It gives an impeccable finish, specifically the quality of your base.


Where to use it

With the tassel, the powders are collected and deposited, with a soft touch and in the form of a light cloud, in the key areas of the face, such as the front, nose and chin. Only then is the powder brush used to extend them, always with movements that go from the center to the sides of the face, and from top to bottom, to comb the hair and obtain a more flattering result.

  1. Apply by pressing with a sponge, a small thin layer under the eyes to fix the concealer; This helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and avoid stains that mascara can leave on the lower eyelid if a creamy concealer is used.
  2. With a suitable brush and circular movements apply on the sides and under the nose, forehead, and chin.
  3. In the unions of the different products of your makeup as the last step in your routine.
  4. To retouch the general appearance of makeup during the day or night, as many times as necessary.

Benefits of Setting powder


  1. Help mattify oily eyelids

Women with oily skin usually suffer from oily eyelids, which makes makeup almost impossible. Especially mascara and eyeliner, because oil runs easily. To remove the greasiness of the eyelids and clarify them, Setting powder is the solution. Tinting your eyelids will also make your eyes seem more awake.

  1. Help highlight tabs

If you want your eyelashes to look fuller, you should consider using Setting powder. Apply it with an eye shadow brush on the eyelid and shake off any excess left in the eyelashes. Finish the look with a mask and see how it improves the look of your look.

  1. Fix the eyeliner

If you have problems with the eyeliner, you can fix it with the help of a Setting powder. Apply a little on the eyelid and then use a liquid eyeliner. The powder not only helps design the lines, but also allows the eyeliner to remain freshly applied for a longer period. If necessary, you can also add some powder on the eyeliner and erase the excess.

  1. Increase the volume of the lips

Having bulky lips is always a trend, but not all of us have them that way naturally, and that's why this powder is an excellent trick to get them without surgery. Apply some Setting powder on them and then the lipstick. Not only will this make you see fillings, but it will also provide a matte finish.

  1. T zone

You can treat a fatty T zone with just a little dust. All you need is to apply a small amount to fatty areas, such as the nose, cheeks and chin. This will help close the open pores, thus reducing oil secretion on the face. This trick will allow your makeup to remain perfect throughout the day and prevent the accumulation of sweat on the skin.

On the other hand, you should know that Setting powders can be applied either alone after nourishing the skin with a moisturizing facial cream, or after having unified the tone with a makeup base so that it is better fixed and the cosmetics you use below too. The result will be a complexion with a very careful and natural appearance.

In addition, it is possible that sometimes, due to the contaminating external agents or the exposure of artificial lights, unwanted shine appears in some areas of the face. Given this, it is not necessary for you to put on makeup again, simply applying a little Setting powder in these areas will make the shine disappear and your makeup looks flawless again.

To apply the Setting powder correctly, in addition to this product, you will need a specific powder brush, which is thick, round and, preferably, natural hair. With this brush, you will only have to collect the powders in moderate quantities and apply them on the key areas of the face giving light taps, without dragging the product. Always do it with movements that start in the center of the face and go outward, so that they are well distributed and uniform. It especially affects the forehead, nose and chin, as we have commented in the previous section.

If you also want to use them as shadow or lipstick fixers, apply a small amount of powder on the eyelids or lips before applying makeup and that's it!

Some women say that these powders usually bleach the skin a little when applied, but the truth is that they are used in the right amount and if they are of good quality, it does not have to clarify the complexion or change the natural skin tone. Therefore, we recommend that you always choose quality cosmetics and make sure that it is the most appropriate product for your skin type, so you will always get a beautiful and shiny complexion.

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