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There comes a time in almost every woman's life when she realizes that suddenly something is wrong with her makeup. Wrinkles are marked with the recovery of the product, the eye appears droopy when applying the eyeshadow and the liner becomes mission impossible. Have we lost the skill when it comes to putting on makeup or has something changed in the configuration of our face? Obviously the answer is in the changes associated with age and only by relearning will we be able to see ourselves as new favored with makeup.

The presence of wrinkles and signs of aging on the face sometimes complicates the application of flattering makeup. Learn to enhance the features of the mature woman with these keys.

Taking advantage of our face from the age of 40 or 50 is possible, although we must bear in mind that we cannot use the same tricks as in makeup for young skin.

Learn the tricks necessary to conceal wrinkles naturally, reduce sagging problems, look up or brighten your face with this little guide to makeup keys for mature skin.

  • Hydration: in mature skin it is more necessary than ever. Ideally, leave enough time for the moisturizer to settle properly on your complexion before applying foundation. If we wish, we can then resort to a "primer" that prolongs the duration of makeup.

  • Make-up base: it will work better the lighter it is, since it will provide naturalness and freshness to the face. The more we load the face with product, the more aging the complexion.

  • Bags: to attenuate bags under the eyes, apply the same makeup tone to the rest of the face, and then mark the line under the bag with a one or two shades lighter concealer to attenuate and reduce volume. If we fall into the mistake of applying the clear concealer on the bag, we will be increasing its visibility. In the case of blue or green dark circles, as well as redness around the eyes, it will be necessary to resort to the colored pre-correctors.

  • Correct deep wrinkles: with the same concealer in one or two lighter shades, we reduce wrinkles around the nose, which usually appear on the upper lip (barcode) or on the chin. The way to do it is to apply small points with a fluid concealer and then blend with the fingertips.

  • Contour: contour makeup is essential in these cases to mark the volumes that have been blurred over the years, such as cheekbones. It is also very useful to hide problems like the double chin. Thus, we apply a touch of contour to the natural cut of our chin and blend it well with the base to create that diminishing effect.


  • Lift the eye with shadows: the ideal is to apply the color to the eyes so that with the darker shade we hide the descending fold of the eyelid. To do this, we will focus on the external "V" of the mobile eyelid, drawing an imaginary ascending line that tends to the end of the eyebrow and we will blur the transition well. It is important to avoid bright eyeshadows, as they accentuate wrinkles around the eyes.

  • Invisible and blurred outline: the moment to apply the eyeliner is one of the most delicate in the makeup of mature skin, since wrinkles of the eyelid usually complicate the task a lot, leaving an uneven and unflattering result. The ideal is to use creamy products instead of markers or gels, and blend the finish well with brushes or cotton swabs, so that the eye is subtly framed. A good idea is to apply the tighlining type, between or just flush with the tabs.

  • Illuminate the gaze: we will be able to raise the gaze by applying an illuminated shadow (it is enough to be a light shade) under the outer half of the eyebrow. We can also apply a point of light on the tear with the same tone.

  • Open the look: the mascara will allow us to get a more awake look. For this, it is advisable to mark the lashes well from the root and avoid the bottom line to further tear the eye. We will apply the mascara with ascending zigzag movements to separate the eyelashes as much as possible and avoid lumps and we will influence the eyelashes of the external "V" to open the gaze as much as possible.

  • Define eyebrows: if the eyebrow is arched and ends in a very marked descending way, it is best to focus on reviewing the first half of the eyebrow slightly, to avoid reinforcing the feeling of droopy eye.

  • Blush: it is always preferable to opt for natural blushes that provide a healthy tone to the face: rosés, peaches, corals, etc. No brown tones, since they turn off the complexion and needlessly harden the makeup look.

  • Lips: it is convenient to apply a liner that helps define the lip contour that tends to blur with age. It is best to choose a liner in the same shade as the lipstick to fill in the entire lip and thus set the color. In this way we prevent the lip from blurring over the hours. To do this, it is best to apply the pencil from the outside to the inside, looking for the heart shape on the upper lip.


When we are turning years, the skin loses collagen and elastin, it becomes less tight and the appearance of wrinkles is faster and more visible. Mature skin gradually loses the ability to repair the damage caused to our cells and metabolism in general is also delayed. External factors such as sun, cold, free radicals and also internal factors intervene in this process: hormonal activity decreases and gives way to a lack of moisture and luminosity, causing grooves. In addition, the production of collagen and elastin decreases, so that the skin loses support and density and is perceived less firm and the deterioration of the skin is evident, with wrinkles and sagging.

It is important to note that a 25-year-old girl who has been exposed to the sun indiscriminately without using protection, can also show symptoms of aging and damaged skin. In other words, skin care must start from an early age, it is not a myth, if we want to show off a perfect complexion, pampering cannot be absent.

Sonia Corredor/Shimarz Blog Writer 

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