Organic Makeup. Benefits and why you should invest in them.

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Talking about organic makeup and natural makeup is not the same. Why? ORGANIC MAKEUP is made of natural elements that do not harm both your skin and nature, thus protecting the environment. So it's very important not to confuse these two terms.

What is regular makeup made of?

Most cosmetic products have synthetic components in their formula to give color, smell or shape. The concentration of chemicals can cause allergic reactions or other skin problems. Some of these substances are:

  • Phthalates. These solvent substances can be found in creams, nail polishes, perfumes, hair lacquers, and deodorants.
  • Phenol and Phenyl. These alcohols are used for the preservation of cosmetic products and, above all, in mouthwashes.
  • Dyes. Some of them can alter DNA.
  • Fragrances They are considered dangerous because they are bioaccumulative and can cause as well as cause headaches and discomfort. These compounds and others such as mercury or dioxane are absorbed by the skin, but then it is not able to get rid of them. Although sometimes the concentrations of these or other synthetic substances are scarce, repeated use and the sum of all those products that are applied daily on the skin (creams, soaps, perfumes, masks ...) can be harmful to health.

While it is true that natural makeup is made from natural raw materials such as organic makeup, the difference between these two relays in the whole process, since organic makeup is based on waxes, vegetable fats, and plant extracts; are grown without chemical or synthetic additives. This process has an agrarian control and that during this stage of sowing, harvesting, and processing, you must comply with the appropriate standards so that you obtain the certification of being a 100% organic product.

Non-organic cosmetic products usually trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people and even irritations in people with normal skin. Even hypoallergenic products can cause discomfort, while organic makeup uses natural products and simple formulas that reduce these skin problems.

Although it seems strange, other products such as cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers and commercial lotions in the long run usually have the opposite effect to the desired one: they open the pores and generate more acne and blackheads. Meanwhile, organic makeup can improve some of these situations, such as rosacea or acne.


In addition, compared to what many think about organic makeup, that having natural products will not be so covering, nor will it leave the same aspect, we must say that the organic industry has gone far, giving a wide variety of products: mascara, shadow of eyes, bases and lipsticks with optimal results. Another advantage of organic makeup is that it is usually easier to apply than commercial ones since you only need a brush and apply it in circular motions and it is more difficult to miss the ideal color.

Benefits in your skin

  • It is HYPOALLERGENIC, so it does not irritate your skin at all, thanks to not containing dyes, perfumes or artificial oils that could cause allergy to your skin.

  • OXYGEN YOUR SKIN, not having synthetic elements, will cause better circulation in your skin and that your pores are not clogged, this way it will provide you with a clean, natural and fresh finish.

  • RADIANT SKIN, since its being made of naturally processed ingredients, will provide your skin with many vitamins and proper nutrition which will make your skin look super moisturized and revitalized.

  • GREATER DURATION, contrary to what is thought, being organic allows a greater fixation in your skin which will make it last longer.

  • COST, As for the cost it is a bit higher but when you buy it you will have the guarantee of taking a product that will take care of both your skin and the planet.

How to distinguish organic makeup?

Reading the labels of the items we buy is a good first step to using organic makeup: get familiar with the products that are harmful to our health and avoid them as much as possible, knowing that the list of ingredients in the products are mentioned in order of quantity, not alphabetical.

There are also some elements that can be natural or chemical, such as humectants and preservatives. We must also pay attention to this particular point.

Natural products are readily available at low cost and are comparatively safe. Natural products are more affordable than chemical products.

Very often, these products are offered at promotional prices and sold at a relatively lower price. The prerequisite, however, in this case, is the ability to investigate the duration of such promotions and find them first.

I know that we all love the idea of being able to buy natural cosmetics that take care of our environment, which are 100% natural products, and that has not been tested on animals.

That's why It's important to mention that no animal is being harmed during the process and creation of organic makeup. Animal testing for products for human consumption purposes is really common and is carried out, partly due to the extensive resources and partly due to the high availability.

However, since natural products are manufactured with natural ingredients, there is no need to test these products on animals. Therefore, these products are examined in the laboratory, which guarantees zero participation of the animals in these tests.

Organic makeup is the healthiest option to make up your face while preserving its beauty and care. These products contain only natural ingredients and do not include toxic substances that can damage the skin. In addition, its elaboration respects the ecological norms so, as it does not contain artificial additives, they do not harm the face.

Organic makeup is a certified natural and organic cosmetics that adapts to all skin types and allows you to make up your face naturally. With our wide range of makeup products, you will achieve an infallible look with 100% natural makeup, countless colors and controlled products for you and to protect the care of your face.





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