The 15 most frequent makeup mistakes

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Makeup is a big part of women's routines. Together with daily facial care products, cosmetics for painting are also part of the routine of many of them. From a young age, makeup is a feminine habit that is learned in a self-taught way and not in a professional way, which implies easily falling into mistakes that are not taken into account.

But while it helps us to hide imperfections and improve our virtues to be beautiful, if we don't apply it correctly and make mistakes, it can make us look older than we are.

Many times you do not realize the terrible mistake you made with makeup until you see yourself in photos and regret having painted like this. So that it does not happen again, and you always look impeccable in the photos and in the day to day, we tell you the 10 most common makeup mistakes and how to fix them.


1.- Prepare the skin. One of the most common oversights is not taking care of the dermis prior to the application of makeup, which causes it to not remain uniform on the skin and cakes in the expression lines, wrinkles, and pores. Therefore, you should always clean, hydrate and protect the skin properly according to the needs of each person.

2.- Ideal base tone. Using a darker or lighter shade than necessary is one of the most common mistakes. As a result, a mask effect is achieved that is not aesthetic. To choose the base that really qualifies the skin tone and perfect it, the subtone of the dermis must be taken into account.

3.- Extend the duration of makeup. The days from Monday to Friday are usually long and, therefore, many women look for the optimal way to keep their faces intact from the time they leave home early until they return at night.

4.- Profile the lip. Despite what is usually believed, you should not delineate the lip with the pencil before applying the lipstick, but after.

5.- Flattering lipstick color. Every time there is more variety of shades of lipsticks and choosing the right one can be a puzzle and lead to buying colors that do not suit the person.

6.- Rub the lips. In order for them to look perfect, they must be hydrated frequently and never rubbed.

7.- Optimize the effect of the eyeliner. One of the most repeated mistakes is to apply it to the lower eyelid. Therefore, the eyeliner line should be used to enlarge the eyes by drawing a clean and defined line on the upper eyelid.

8.- Apply the concealer properly. Many times it is used after having done all the face makeup, abusing it as a final touch to “correct” even more. Dark circles are a sign of tiredness and aging, so one of the goals of any good makeup is to hide them, but don't try to hide them under layers and concealer layers. Apply it only in the darkest areas and blur it well. In addition, the key so that your dark circles and imperfections are not noticed is to find the right shade for your skin.

9.- How to curl the eyelashes. When should the curling iron be used? Before or after applying the mask? Professionals ensure that it should always be used delicately when the flange is completely clean to prevent splitting. After makeup, and to remove lumps, they should be combed with a suitable brush.

10.- Consider the eyebrows. They are the great forgotten of the face, and that they exert great power on the image of the face and the expression. They should be well defined and show a natural look and use the appropriate makeup tools to give them better shape and perfect them. For example, a suitable pencil will serve to fill or lengthen them.

11.- Put a lot of makeup on wrinkles. It is also important to apply the right amount of makeup, do not try to camouflage your crow's feet with makeup, because you will get the opposite effect.

12.- Apply powders on the entire face. If your skin is dry, it is not necessary to apply powders on the base. If it is fat, you should apply them only in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin). Use loose and luminous powders, avoid matt and compact ones that concentrate on wrinkles and therefore mark them more.

13.- Use dark shadows. Light and pastel colors will make your eyes look bigger and brighter and an open look is synonymous with youth. So he flees the dark colors, the smoky tones in black tones and the shades in chocolate or maroon tones. And do not forget the mascara, which is your ally to open your eyes even more.

14.- Profile the lips with a different tone to the lipstick. You should profile your lips before applying the lipstick because with age the natural line of the lip fades. But you should use a profiler of the same shade as your lipstick. And by the way, as for the colors for your lips, avoid dark and matt finishes, which will make you look older.

15.- Forget the blusher. The blusher helps you sculpt your face. Do not forget that with age the face loses its volumes and with the blush you can mark the cheekbones. That does use light colors, such as pink or peach, and flees from dark browns that add years.


We all know that makeup is a tool that gives security and helps us to highlight parts of our face that we like the most, and there are even women for whom the makeup ritual is part of their life, and therefore they do not need a justification as an important event or an appointment.

Caring for the skin daily is essential to delay the appearance of wrinkles and for your skin to show a fresh and bright appearance, signs of youth. But also the makeup, well used, can be your ally to hide those lines of expression that, over time, are inevitable.

It is a mistake of the elders. Do not be lazy to remove makeup, your skin will thank you and you will notice the results with the naked eye.

If you do not remove makeup, the pores become clogged and acne appears and skin rashes. Not to mention how your pillow will dawn with makeup stains.

Before bed, take off your makeup! with a make-up remover, and if you are traveling and you do not feel like taking your make-up remover into your bag, it is no excuse, remove makeup with wipes, they are only recommended in special cases, for example, a trip, to not carry the cosmetic bag so full of cosmetics. The wipes remove but very superficially and remains may remain, so they are only recommended on specific occasions.

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