The importance of makeup for women according to age

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With the makeup industry increasingly latent in our days, we do not try to mask the person or their beauty, but quite the opposite, it is about highlighting or embellishing it, however, for this there are thousands of forms according to age or characteristics of the person


As we know, women and men dress according to their age, according to their profession or at any time, always looking for what is best for their appearance and physiognomy, because the same applies to the world of makeup and its form of applying it



The better makeup you have or the better it is applied, the better the imperfections will be covered and you will feel more beautiful.


To properly and fashion makeup, we must know what the type of face and morphology we have and make up according to its type and shape, for this we make a slight summary of the morphology on the face already discussed in other articles.


It is about studying the different types of facial faces that the person presents given his morphology, starting with his forehead ending with his chin and going clear is through his nose, cheekbones, eyes and lips. It also encompasses the hair that is part of a person's physiognomy.


The face of a person is determined by lines that make it up as well as a composition and a form.


There are different forms of faces, from the classic oval shape, the round, triangular shape, the so-called diamond or the pear shape. Each face has a way of combing hair as well as colors and a more or less appropriate form of makeup.




Our skeleton of the head is formed by two parts, on the one hand the skull and on the other the face, the morphology of these are very important to determine the style of cut, the hairstyle, or the colors that are most appropriate with your face.


The good professional is the one who first analyzes the features of the skull and the face of the client before moving on to combing or putting on makeup, in order to distribute his work well, eliminate imperfections, highlight some point etc.


Skull shapes


There are 3 shapes that delimit the skull, these are the round skull, the plane and the brachycephalic as we show in the photographs below.


Face shapes and types


The facial forms of each person are determined by the features, the cheekbones ... in general, by the composition of the bones that the face has.


In both men and women there are different types of faces, let's see below the different forms:


Rectangular Face


The rectangular face, is very close to modeling or ideal, these faces are usually sought for makeup or for exhibitions, it produces a sensation of lengthening.


Elongated faces can be hidden with a bangs on the forehead, in addition, these faces are made up giving more volume in the lateral areas of the face. These faces are favored by long hair, because the short ones give more sensation of lengthening.


Inverted Triangle


They stand out for having a very wide forehead, striking cheekbones and a very small chin or jaws, think of the so-called inverted triangle.


In these faces we try to hide the fronts and above all, it is not advisable to give volume to the neck area.


Pear Triangle or Shape


This face has a narrow forehead and temple, wide cheekbones and the chin has a peculiar shape.


Here we should make up the area of ​​the upper part of the temples, reducing the part of the cheeks.


Foursquare Face


These are very wide faces, in square form, they are very hard and in general, not very feminine factions, more typical of men.


It is about makeup on the face giving it a feeling of roundness, covering the upper part with tufts or some side bangs.


Round face


These are spherical faces with a voluminous shape, where all the parts of the face are in harmony. These faces are favored by almost everything but in general long hair.


Hexagonal face


These are faces with a very narrow forehead and with very raised cheekbones, it is about being able to hide this by concealing the width of the cheekbones by combing the hair towards the sides.




Keep in mind that older women do not make up the same as younger women, and the first ones tend to make up much more, perhaps to hide those extra lines of expression, or those wrinkles or imperfections that already stand out more with age.


At present, the young woman does not apply so much makeup leaving a more natural face, however it is when special moments is when it stands out the most, that is, in events such as weddings, at night etc.


According to professional make-up artists, women have to follow canons according to their age, that is to say women between 25 and 35 years of age, the most normal thing is that they use fat-free products to feel the skin in its greatest splendor, that is to say little worked very Natural, here the tones should be soft as at 18 or 20, what you are looking for are very light tones, barely make-up, they should never be aggressive


The makeup at 30


Women from the age of 30 seek makeup according to their features to eliminate imperfections and possible signs of expression that may already come to light. Tiredness and stress are very common in a woman since the age of 30 and because of this, the skin already loses luminosity and does not retain firmness and elasticity so well, that is why it is so common to use cosmetics from these ages For all this, we must take into account, that changing the age number, or maturing, does not mean that we have to change the image, but rather adapt our age to makeup and cosmetics.


Today there is a wide variety of cosmetics and as we have said, there are endless natural ingredients and animal or vegetable origin


Cosmetics are a substance or preparation that is put on the skin to perfume, smooth, moisturize or protect it, in addition, it can also be put on the hair, there are various odors and also various textures.


Cosmetics are usually chemical products, the way they are made and processed, sometimes very complex.



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