Vegan Makeup and why it is so popular nowadays

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Before talking about vegan makeup, we must know mainly why it has been created, and why it has become so popular in recent years.

It is no secret that animal abuse has existed for many years, either that in cosmetic research painful experiments are carried out on hundreds of thousands of animals every year, including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice. These tests include skin or eye irritation, skin sensitization (causing allergies), toxicity (poisoning), mutagenicity (genetic damage), teratogenicity (birth defects), carcinogenicity (causing cancer), embryonic or fetal genetic damage , toxicokinetics (to study the absorption, metabolization, distribution and excretion of chemical substances).


To promote any product, it must be shown that it is safe, and that can be done using validated tests and methods that do not use animals and using combinations of existing ingredients that are safe for use in humans.

It has been estimated that there are about 15,000 ingredients that have already been tested and declared safe. More and more companies that avoid cruelty to animals are refusing to test their products and still produce safe, effective and high-quality products.

The tests performed are to see that the final ingredients and products are not irritating to humans. However, it is not 100% reliable since each species can react differently to these substances.

Animal testing is no longer necessary. There are many ingredients and combinations that have already been approved for use in humans, but if companies insist on continuing to look for “new” options, without having the need or obligation to invest in finding new ways to test them without involving animals, they will continue to be “forced” to perform this type of tests.

Vegan makeup normally in its components does not use any component or substances derived from an animal nor are they tested on them for what they are Cruelty-Free. When talking about vegan makeup, reference is made to the products with a 100% vegetable composition, with ingredients of organic and sustainable production of high quality and without side effects such as allergies. This type of makeup uses only products with natural ingredients from plants, fruits, vegetables, stems, among others.


How to know when is Vegan Makeup?

Moving to a vegan way of life does not mean stop using cosmetics, but better look not only at the benefits and benefits of a product but the way it is made, whether or not tested on animals, if it contains toxic or if it mistreats the environment. Once we have detected all these characteristics, surely a product will have convinced us to try it. Subsequently, we will have to detect that the product we like or fit with our skin type. It is something that happens frequently with makeup, since it is complicated that one adapts perfectly to skin and that its effect is natural, not greasing it, does not get lost easily or likes how it looks, so it is important to know how to find makeup perfect.

  • The first thing we will see in a vegan makeup is that it is "cruelty-free", which means that it is not tested on animals. For that part, the product gives us peace of mind, since we know that not only will it not harm us, but that it will not do so with animals, since in many cases their skins and their bodies are proof that a makeup does not cause adverse allergic reactions to later sell it to people.
  • It is possible to find several logos on products that are vegan: one of them represents the image of a jumping rabbit, another the face of a rabbit and the message "cruelty-free" and another the text "not tested on animals" also under a rabbit sideways.
  • Reading the ingredients we will know quickly if we are facing a vegan product or not, since the toxic elements are reported on this label and are easy to detect, as well as knowing if that product will affect our skin in a negative way.
  • Among the ingredients, we can find more things, so if we find products that come from animal origin, then we are not facing a totally vegan product either.
  • The last step is to test the makeup, since in many occasions the color of a vegan makeup changes from the normal makeup, which is made with elements from animals, so, if we are accustomed to using normal makeup, it can be strange and We must find the one that most closely resembles the type of color we used to use, both as a makeup base and as a lipstick, eyeliner or even a lipstick.

Now, when it comes to the benefits of vegan makeup, its price is, as it is one of the cheapest in the market. Additionally, it is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin due to its non-existent content in aggressive cleaning particles. It does not irritate the skin, prevents the formation of red spots, refreshes, and tones. Another benefit is that thanks to the active power of vegetables they penetrate the skin and provide excellent long-lasting results, difficult to obtain with other cosmetics, especially those that come from animals.

It is not necessary to be an activist to be aware of what happens to animals in laboratories when it comes to cosmetic testing. The trend of being responsible consumers has helped to pressure companies and they are increasingly listening to the needs and requests of the market and so are more and more companies that do not test on animals, companies that use less plastic, companies that They recycle their containers, the companies that use sustainable palm oil. All this because a person decided to change and be the best version of himself being a responsible consumer.






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