What chemicals in makeup cause acne?

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Cosmetic acne is a form of acne that is caused externally and not by internal factors such as hormones, stress or food; This type of cosmetic acne is activated by the use of makeups that clog pores on the surface of the skin.


Some makeups are comedogenic, have an element that causes the reaction and is manifested by buds that develop in the areas where makeup is applied, these products, as I mentioned, clog the pores, and within them, the fat remains trapped and dead cells which generate cosmetic acne.

This cosmetic acne is mild and can affect anyone even if they have never suffered from acne in their life because cosmetic acne usually begins by using improper cleansing cream, a base with oil or a moisturizer that is too fatty.

Excess fat on the face is one of the most common causes of acne. This happens a lot in adolescence because hormone levels rise considerably. Which produces an excess in the production of fat in the skin.

This fat is necessary to keep the complexion young. However, this can be a problem if we do not take the necessary steps to prevent its accumulation in the pores. We already know that the skin suffers from metamorphosis and that it regenerates every so often. This happens when new cells come to replace old ones.

But, if we do not exfoliate the skin at least once a week, these cells accumulate on the surface. What makes in combination with excess fat, swell the pores and produce bacteria.

Similarly, certain medicines can cause unwanted acne breakouts. That is why it is always important to know the side effects that each one has. Obviously, if you need to take them to cure any medical condition, then you have to sacrifice yourself. First is health.

Speaking of diseases and ailments, there are health conditions that also produce acne breakouts. They are Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Cushing's Syndrome, for both. Finally, the use of cosmetics or skin products that contain ingredients that cause acne. We'll talk later about this.

Acne symptoms

I think that most of us who have suffered from this problem, know or have an idea of ​​what are the symptoms of acne. However, we do not all experience the same. There are those who pass acne breakouts without major consequences and there are other girls who have even had to go to the dermatologist.

The "lucky" people who suffer from mild outbreaks of acne do not have big problems. They only experience white or black pimples or pimples. In some cases, some of these granites may be infested and need some medication.

However, people suffering from severe acne should be more careful about what they apply to their faces. These people may suffer cystic lesions accompanied by fever and other complications. Usually, this type of acne leaves marks on the face. Many of these people need medical care and much more intense treatments.

Acne prevention

There is no absolute way to prevent acne in its entirety. However, if we can take steps to minimize the risk of outbreaks. For example, one of the fundamental things is to take care of our skin daily. Clean it at least twice a day, no more than that.

If you exercise or are exposed to an environment that makes you sweat, immediately clean your face. If your hair is oily, wash it often and keep it away from your face. Avoid touching your face. The hands usually contain bacteria and we can pass it to the face without realizing it.

Use products that contain salicylic acid and protect your skin from the sun's rays. Finally, avoid using products or cosmetics that contain oils among other ingredients. Here is a list of some of the ingredients that cause acne.

Knowing the maximum concentration of some ingredients, it is easy to determine the approximate concentration of those who follow.

Here is a list of some of the ingredients you should avoid. Remember that it is important that you read the labels before buying any product. Let us begin.


  • Comedogenic oils - This type of oil tends to clog pores causing acne breakouts. Before buying any cosmetic or facial product, make sure it says "Non-Comedogenic".

  • Silicone - In all its forms. Either methicone, dimethicone, etc. These ingredients are widely used in makeup pre base. If you are prone to acne or allergic to this substance, avoid them.

  • Petroleum derivatives - These can be paraffin, mineral oil, polyethylene glycol, diethanolamine, triethanolamine, propylene glycol, PEG-40, Laureth sulfate, phenoxyethanol, butylene glycol, butyl stearate, ethylene-diamine-tetraacetic acid, isopropyl alcohol, methylparaben, ceteareth-20, butylated hydroxyanisole, butylated hydroxytoluene, dodecane, among others.

  • Perfumes and dyes - These are widely used in beauty products. But they are extremely irritating. These ingredients are listed as perfumes, fragrance, FD&C followed by the name of the color and a number and D&C with the same format as the previous one.

  • Parabens and Phthalates - Everything that bears the name of "paraben." These ingredients are considered highly toxic.

  • Alcohol and acrylics - these products are irritating and cause skin problems.

Remember that not all skin types react the same when using different products. That is why before using any product it is good to read its recommendations. It is also ideal to apply only a small amount in some areas of ​​the body. So you can see if it has unfavorable reactions.

Before buying a magazine or market product, check that it has no alcohol or any compound that affects your skin as is the case with retinol.

There are different types of skin and it is important to learn to identify which one is each.

We recommend attending the dermatologist so that he can provide advice on the most recommended products according to your skin type.

In conclusion, it is important that you consider what products are suitable for your skin, in order to provide you with the care you deserve. If in doubt, consult the dermatologist you trust.






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