What kind of makeup is good for Rosacea?

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A problem that many girls have and that can cause them many complexes, is the redness of their face without apparent cause, which is effectively known as rosacea. That is a skin disease that can occur in varying degrees and although there are treatments to mitigate, so far its specific causes are unknown and there is no definitive solution.



Its most noticeable symptoms are, as I mentioned, the color of the skin and in more severe cases, the appearance of pustules or granites. I could begin to elaborate on what this condition is, but the truth is what could explain many things and the main point of this post is how to hide those imperfections it causes, so we better go to it.

You have to take into account that this disease as such requires treatment, so if you have it, it is best to consult with an expert and start getting the products necessary to deal with the problem, as this will be more simple makeup.

The rose is usually given especially in very white and delicate skin, so it is vital to invest in creams and cosmetics of the best quality.

As for makeup, I do not consider myself an expert, but the experience and what he saw in some people who have a reddened cut, have helped me design a series of instructions to follow in order to cover it safely. First of all, let's see some articles that are essential in this case.


  • The first thing we will occupy will be thermal or rose water. This product has soothing properties that clean and deflates the skin, in addition to being 100% natural and providing instant relief. It is great to use them especially in times of heat, which are the most suffered by girls with rosacea.
  • The second is a good sunscreen. It is very important that you protect yourself against the sun or your problem could get worse, not to mention how much redness hurts when you expose yourself to the sun. Look for a light and gel-based product, or with a good amount of water, and especially with a solar factor above 30 or 50.
  • In addition to these two products, I recommend you also get a good moisturizer. As I mentioned, skins with rosacea are the most delicate and it is essential to maintain hydration since they usually dry easily or have greater acne problems. The moisturizer also helps us prevent premature skin aging.
  • Find a suitable makeup base. It is best to look for one that is completely free of oils and, if possible, with mineral ingredients. If not, there are also some very good ones that at the same time work as treatments and are designed specifically for redness. Some that I can advise you to look for and that give very good results are Redness Solution by Clinique or 1 2 3 Perfect by Bourjois.
  • Correctors for the face. We will use them to cover the small imperfections that are noticed even after the base, and I advise you to choose them in liquid format and a tone that is closest to your skin. You can also use a little yellow for dark circles. Look for concealers that are made from natural ingredients.
  • Loose powder. Ideal to seal the makeup and the best thing you can do is buy one that is 100% mineral. Mineral products are your skin's best friends.


Once you have achieved all of the above, we can continue to make up the face and hide all those red areas that bother us so much.

  1. First of all, spray a little of the thermal water all over your face and wait for it to dry. You will have a delicious sensation on your face and you will be deflating the most problematic areas. It is best to dispense with cotton and simply splash or spray the entire face very gently.
  2. Once the water has dried, you will proceed to apply your moisturizer through small circular movements throughout the face. Do not rub your complexion or you will only make rosacea worse. Wait for this product to be completely absorbed into the skin before moving on to the next step.
  3. The time for sunscreen has arrived. Spread a light layer on your face but don't leave any unprotected areas. It is good that you extend the application of this product to the neck; a place where even some women with rosacea may come to present the problem, (you can also put on makeup).
  4. Take a soft sponge and proceed to apply the foundation. Do it gently, paying special attention to blur the reddened areas. Sometimes wetting the sponge a little helps you get a more uniform result. Personally I recommend this method more than the hands because it is a little cleaner and if we talk about sponges, the Beauty Blender is one that can serve you super well.
  5. What follows is to finish correcting imperfections. Place a yellow or similar to your skin concealer under the dark circles to cover any shade under your eyes. With a thin brush, you will take a little more and you will be putting it on the parts that are not yet uniform or where you have small buds or spots, blurring them with little touches.
  6. Finally, you just have to take a brush for the face and seal it all with mineral powder, to guarantee its duration. In itself, this is the basic thing you need to do to get flawless skin. The rest of your makeup can continue in the usual way.

Keep in mind that your brushes, sponges and other makeup items should always be clean. The accumulation of bacteria in dirty or damp brushes or sponges is more common than you think and obviously bad for this skin problem.

Apply thermal water also at night. After removing make-up and before bed, spray another layer of thermal water on your skin. It is very useful for waking up with a relaxed and clean skin in the morning.

Reduce your exposure to the sun as much as possible. When you leave the house, frequent the shady places and wear hats and sunglasses to protect you from the heat.

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