What's the best age to start wearing makeup?

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Makeup is a form of expression for women, it is their way of saying that they feel beautiful. In more than one approach it also consists of a ritual of transformation. Makeup is the preparation for the day and at night a means to surprise, in any form, it is the letter of introduction of a woman.

But it also represents the transition of a girl who is already beginning to feel like a lady and perhaps this is the part that scares the parents. What they should understand is that this is a natural process and that they cannot stop it, even delaying it sometimes produces a counterproductive effect. We will tell you below from what age it is advisable to let the little one's makeup, this and much more.

Let them put on makeup?

As girls, we grow up watching our mothers make up, so curiosity is born on its own. The appropriate age to start putting on makeup is a constant discussion between experts and parents.

Some agree that the ideal age to start with makeup is at age 18, mainly because at that age you are already a little more sure of what style you like to wear and you can achieve a makeup that suits it.

However, it is between the ages of 14 and 15 that girls start putting on makeup because at that age they start going out alone to parties and it is normal that they want to look pretty. It is not that it is wrong that they start putting on makeup at that time and if you try to forbid them as a father you will only get the idea to be even harder.

The important thing at this point is to teach them how to put on makeup according to their age. It is important that you know how to set certain limits and that you understand that the intention is not to look older but to highlight the beauty of your youth. All in due time.

How to teach them how to put on makeup?

One of the best things you can do as a mother is to accompany your daughter to buy her makeup and explain what are the best products for her age.

It is important that you make it clear that not all makeup works for all skin types and that certain products can cause allergies.

In the same way, you should keep in mind that, even if we use the best products, even excess makeup causes impurities to accumulate on the face. For that reason, if girls are allowed to wear makeup from a very young age, they will only be able to dry their skin from an early age, without knowing that the healthiest face they will be able to wear throughout their lives is precisely when they are young.

It is also necessary to teach you how important it is to remove makeup and the care you should have with your face to keep it clean and hydrated, especially if you have problems with acne, a problem very common at these ages.

Not only do you buy her makeup, buy her a moisturizer and a night cream, this way you will teach her to be responsible with the care of her skin and you will slightly counteract the consequences of putting on makeup early.

Makeup for her age

Remind him that less is more. As we said, makeup should not overshadow the natural beauty of a young woman. For a first makeup, lean on pastel shades, a touch of blush and soft lips and from the beginning avoid excess dust. Then, little by little, you can add the eyeliner and mascara according to the occasion.

It is ideal that you advise using the natural style, with which the face will not be recharged and may look good for every occasion, tailored to the stage you are living.

Most girls play makeup and as soon as they reach adolescence, makeup is no longer a game to become one of the usual rites of girls. There are many parents and especially many mothers who ask: what is the right age for my teenage daughter to wear makeup?

There is no age set for that. In each case, the girls, with the consent of their parents, must decide when to start putting on makeup.

What happens is that many parents think that their daughters are too young for it and are delaying that permission. So it is not so rare that young women keep beauty products in their bags or backpacks and makeup as soon as they leave their homes. So that does not happen it is much better to reach an agreement with them. And if they are going to put on makeup anyway, their parents should give permission and supervise how they put on makeup. It will be much more practical for everyone.

What teenage girls should not wear makeup for?

There are two keys that should not be forgotten in the case of teenage girls and their makeup:

  • It should not be used to appear older. Although many times girls and adolescents pretend that when dressing or putting on makeup, their parents will do well to get them to understand that they will have many years ahead to be older and that the best of each age is to live it according to the moment What is it. There is a way for them to understand it: it is so ridiculous that a sixty-year-old woman behaves like a teenager as if a teenager pretends to look much older than she is.
  • It should not be used when suffering from severe acne. Acne is a skin condition that affects eight out of ten teenagers. In the event that a teenager suffers from this disorder in its severe forms, wearing makeup can mean that her pores are clogged and acne is further aggravated.

At the end of the day, makeup is an expression form that we put into practice for centuries, just like using clothes or shampoos. So let's not be afraid that our daughters and sons will begin to be interested in makeup at an early age. Of course, children have been surrounded by makeup products since they were born. Maybe that's why when they grow up they are not interested in anything at all ... who knows!


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