Which foundation is best for dry skin?

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If you have dry skin, you should notice that after using makeup, the texture and appearance of your skin get worse. The makeup base is in direct contact with our skin, sometimes for many hours. Therefore, it is important to use a makeup base adapted to our skin type. He will thank you!

Dry skin can make it hard to find suitable makeup. While the base makes the complexion appear fresh and silky in the morning, after a few hours, wrinkles begin to form and the skin begins to peel. Upon arriving home, we check that during the day in our makeup there is no trace of life or luminosity.

But, if this is your case, that's why you don't have to give up a radiant makeup all day long. There are solutions for you! Dry and sensitive skin are increasingly common due to the harmful agents we are affected: pollution, stress, sun, a few hours of sleep ... But cosmetics knows how to compensate for these damages with makeup bases specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

To make it easier, we have made a selection of the best bases for dry skin on the market. If you want to pamper your skin and give extra care, take a look.

If you are looking for a base for dry skin, you should pay attention to this. Like our moisturizer, both day and night, our makeup base should be according to our age. At the beginning of 20 years, our resistant skin is too bright because the amount of sebum it generates is more abundant.

Therefore, it is time to leave behind the powder makeup as it dehydrates and dries our skin and resort to the foundation makeup: gel or cream makeup that helps take care of the skin of our face, provide flexibility and texture a uniform texture.


Extra hydration with a liquid makeup base


It is a liquid base that guarantees a natural finish. It is a perfect option if you have dry skin because, in the first place, its liquid texture is easy to apply on your day moisturizer and, in addition, it will provide an extra dose of moisture. Second, it smoothes and tightens the skin, prevents wrinkles and dryness and is a perfect fixative for the next steps of your beauty look.

A natural finish with a moisturizer with a tone color

Do you want to get a natural look that keeps your skin nourished throughout the day? So, what you need is a BB moisturizer. It is a dyed cream that prevents your skin from resenting and drying out while giving it a color tone to look perfect throughout the day. This option is perfect for use as daily makeup, as it is light and covers redness, pores, and impurities.



An extra serum-based hydration

The high concentration of active ingredients in the serum nourishes the skin and gives it shine and freshness. Therefore, it is a key component in skincare and the perfect ingredient to enrich a foundation and makeup. In addition, it's light texture allows the skin to breathe and guarantees a natural and radiant look.

Protects dry skin: UV protection foundation

Often, dry skin is more sensitive to the sun, which not only accelerates the aging process but also dehydrates it and causes it to lose shine and elasticity. A sunscreen base prevents your skin from becoming damaged and excessively dry while allowing you to cover imperfections and look radiant.

5 makeup application tips for dry skin

To moisturize our face and not have a dry and dull appearance it is important that we use creamy products. Both the base, as the makeup and shadows.

Dry skin can be a constant or only temporary problem, and when it is on the face things can be complicated. You may have had a difficult time trying to improve your natural beauty with makeup. Instead of improving the glow of your skin, if you have dry skin, you may be accentuating your imperfections.

  1. Hydration

Use facial products made for dry skin when cleaning your face and then moisturize it three to five minutes before applying the cosmetic base.

Makeup artists and beauty experts recommend a layer of cream before makeup. This adds a protective barrier while eliminating dry patches and allows makeup to apply well.

You may also want to use an eye cream to soften wrinkles around your eyes.

  1. Apply the creamy base

Creamy bases and stain coverings work best for dry skin. Before applying any product, make sure that each product is at least at room temperature.

There are high definition bases that are light, however, they can provide maximum coverage to give you a perfect, natural-looking complexion.

  1. Use powder and creamy eyeshadow

The art of makeup is based on highlighting the best and minimizing defects. But powder makeup hardens on dry skin, drawing attention to lines, creases, and wrinkles.

Use creamy powder makeup and eye color to harmonize with the foundation. Accentuates the cheekbones by applying pale pink, gold or bronze blush. Also, keep the metallic colors away from the eyes if you have wrinkles.

  1. Final powder

Finish and set the makeup lightly sparkling loose powder with a large, fat cosmetic brush before putting on mascara and eyebrow liner.

Not too much, but enough to maintain the foundation of makeup, blush, and eyeshadow.

There are many varieties of finishing powders, such as translucent and moisturizing, an additional benefit for dry skin.

  1. Liquid eyeliner

Beauty experts recommend liquid eyeliner for people with dry skin. Because eye pencils or powders can easily crumble and make fine lines or wrinkles stand out.

The application of the eyeliner can accentuate your eyes and divert attention from wrinkles or defects near the delicate skin around the eyes.

The golden rule is to replace it every three months, as it can start lumping and also possibly become contaminated. Be careful with the use of a waterproof mask, because some of these formulas can dry your eyelashes.

Remove mascara before going to sleep. Some people use specially formulated eye makeup removers and others use mineral or olive oil.

Dry skin has its drawbacks, and possibly sometimes, you have many complaints about it, but also its advantages. You are practically free of acne blackheads and pimples and that is good news, don't you think?


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