Which natural makeup is best?

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Makeup is one of the cosmetics that spends more time in contact with the skin, the quality is able to absorb any substance. Compared to standard products, mineral, and ecological makeup, made with harmless and natural elements, provide beauty and health protection.



Ecological or bio natural makeup is formulated by adding mineral pigments extracted from nature, usually iron or titanium oxides and mica used since ancient times, a natural fat: vegetable oils that also hydrate and nourish the skin, such as jojoba, almond, avocado, capoazu oil, cocoa butter, and shea.


We love everything natural, we like to accept ourselves as we are. Without complexes and without hiding our true identity. This is why, if we want to wear makeup, we have to be as natural as we are. We have freckles, we have pimples, redness, dark circles, some drier skin, and other oily skin. The last thing we want is to make disappear until the last apex of realism on our skin.

For this reason, if you still believe that the conventional makeup you use day after day, has been created especially for you and you consider them inseparable, we will give a guide on why natural makeup is what you will want from now on.


  1. The fact of being a natural makeup, already indicates that its natural ingredients will be recognized and integrated by the skin. These can be of all kinds, but the most important thing is to know what benefits these natural ingredients bring to the skin. There are natural ingredients such as apricot butter, which provides much more than functionality, provides nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, that the skin integrates and uses to function better, without leaving a greasy sensation.


  1. Its ingredients give you hydration and are antioxidants. Because of their composition, they do not clog pores and leave a soft, light and breathable skin. This type of makeup will allow you to get a natural and healthy finish. The most important! Its composition means that you have to treat it differently from the rest of the makeup products. Work it in areas, with a small amount, let the ingredients melt into your skin, to do this apply the products with the fingertips by means of taps, without dragging.


  1. Neither dry nor fatty! It does not dry your skin, its ingredients provide a deep and lasting hydration, ideal for all skin types. If you have oily skin, don't worry, since non-comedogenic vegetable oils are much less occlusive than mineral oils. Let your skin breathe and work normally. Prepare the skin to have previous hydration, preferably with also natural cosmetic products, so that the makeup can be applied much better!


  1. Your face will look better even without makeup. As we have said, natural makeup, thanks to its natural and nutritious components, brings more benefits than conventional makeup. And while you are wearing your makeup, it will nourish your skin, making it look radiant day after day, without clogging pores and letting it breathe naturally.



We cannot forget the surroundings.


Products formulated with natural ingredients are the most environmentally friendly option, they are consistent products in their manufacturing process. Respecting from its manufacturing process to the origin of the ingredients, all of them of plant origin and biodegradable. Ingredients of animal origin are not used, so it is suitable for vegan makeup. We love animals!


We want to feel good about ourselves, and at the same time also with the environment that is why natural makeup, in addition to promoting a healthy aspect of your skin, goes much further. We care about the planet, about animals, about people, and about nature.


It has cost us all to find the key but when you get it, you have half of your beauty look done. Keep in mind:


- You should try it in the neck area, not in the hand. The skin tone will more closely resemble your face.


- A good base, it matters. And no, we are not referring to the foundation of makeup, but to the skin. Work previously with prebases and moisturizers that unify it, brighten and prepare to receive subsequent makeup.


- Choose a base with shade (or less) darker than your natural tone for a more tan look and good face effect.


- Think if what you want is medium or high coverage. The result can condition your purchase. An average coverage will be ideal if you want to go natural with little makeup for every day. High coverage is perfect for big occasions.


- Rate if you want a makeup base or a BB or CC cream, that is, the makeup funds with treatment.


- Think if you want your base with or without SPF.


- When applying, have a brush and a sponge on hand. The densest will be better unified in the skin with the light touches of the sponge although when it comes to extending it, the brush is a must have. If they are light, the fingers will work great.


It is important to study the origin of the ingredients and ensure their natural origin, since if there are harmful substances, even if in small proportion, it cannot be considered an eco or bio cosmetics.


Fluids represent the basis of any facial makeup. They are essential to provide the skin with a unified, careful and attractive appearance. They confer color and hide small skin imperfections, and allow to improve the appearance of the skin, providing uniformity and luminosity.


The tone closest to the color of the skin must be chosen under natural light and should be the first beauty product to be applied, after deep cleansing and hydration. Then the powder makeup is applied, necessary to fix, maintain and tint the base and increase its duration, which achieves at the same time a velvety effect and imperfections are attenuated.


Finally, blusher, which helps to highlight the features of the face giving a healthy appearance, while unifying the color of eyes and lips.


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