Will Makeup Make Acne Worse?

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When acne appears on the face or in some part of the body, it is desired to eliminate it quickly, and the first reaction is to touch, without taking into account that the consequences are worse, since it can be infected even more.

It is important to know that the only kind of acne caused by makeup is due to a reaction called cosmetic acne, produced by an element of makeup or creams, which manifests itself through a series of flesh-colored buds that are the areas of the skin where these products clog pores, imprisoning fat and dead cells inside them.

Cosmetic acne can affect anyone so they have never suffered pimples or outbreaks. This condition usually begins by using unsuitable cleansing cream, too fatty moisturizer or a base that contains oil.

To counteract them it is recommended to purchase products identified as non-comedogenic, which reduces this danger to a minimum.

Be careful, using toxic ingredients can create permanent wounds on your skin. Well, although there are certain "harmless" doses, it is true that many times the products do not specify the exact amounts or the side effects they may have.


These are the ingredients you should avoid to keep your skin healthy:


Many commercial and personal hygiene products contain parabens, which are chemicals with bactericidal properties. These chemicals are added to the products to prevent the growth of microorganisms in them and to extend the time they remain in good condition. Although they are considered as low-toxic chemicals, their excessive consumption can result in cancer, especially breast cancer. Parabens are found in creams, deodorants, and skin lotions.


Butyl hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylhydroxytoluene (BHT): these preservatives and antioxidants are mainly used in makeups. BHA is toxic to the autoimmune system and even carcinogenic. BHT can be toxic to the skin, lungs, and liver. Both ingredients can cause allergies too and cause hormonal changes.


This ingredient is almost always used as a preservative in industrial cosmetics. It is an organic compound found in almost all shampoos, gels, makeup, nail polish and deodorant.

Although this is a carcinogenic ingredient, it is very cheap and that is why many factories use substances that release it. Formaldehyde causes allergies and dermatitis among others.


These added chemicals are found in some cosmetic products to soften and moisturize them, but in the long term, they can interfere with hormonal functions and cause liver toxicity.


Although they tend to go unnoticed and have no smell, these are several masks and skin products. They can cause allergies and especially cover the pores of the skin, which prevents some important substances from entering the skin.


These chemicals are solvents and softeners in the cosmetic industry. However, they are called "environmental poisons," which demonstrates their toxicity. Today they are related to cancer, dysfunction in the hormonal system, and even malformations in the fetus.


Polyethylene Glycol Compound (PEG): This toxic ingredient is a mixture of chemical compounds that are used as an emulsifier. This chemical builds up in the heart, liver, kidneys, and brain and can cause significant changes.


Another of the toxic ingredients that are very commonly used in cosmetic products. This petroleum derivative is very economical and is used to create a waterproof layer on the skin. But because it is so strong, it prevents the skin from breathing and prevents the expulsion of contaminating particles.

In addition to the information mentioned regarding chemicals that are harmful and that are seen in a large majority of makeup, it is important that you can avoid the following things when you have acne.

  • One of the most common mistakes in women is to go to sleep after a long night of partying without removing our makeup. As tempting as it may be, don't do it. Not only does makeup clog pores, but also the dirt of the day, sweat and skin oils do it. Use a makeup remover with night tonic and then apply moisturizer to keep your skin soft and without acne.
  • In order not to harm your skin, it is important that you check the label of the products you will use, to know what are the ingredients you are using on your face. Comedogenic makeup, which does not clog your pores, and free of oils.
  • To treat acne problems, change your makeup base to one that is mineral-based. These are fragrance-free, parabens, do not have preservatives or chemical dyes, which cause skin irritation. In addition to being lighter, it also looks more natural.
  • Using dirty and oily brushes is the same as polishing the face with oil and dirt. Although your face is clean, if you use dirty brushes, these are full of bacteria and fat that easily move to your skin, contributing to the appearance of acne. So that this does not happen, clean your makeup brushes at least once a week. You can do it using warm water and some mild shampoo.
  • Many times, the concealer can be an ally to hide pimples and acne remains. But others are one more cause. Abusing the concealer can make pores clogging even worse. Therefore, opt for a free concealer in oil and apply it with a brush or makeup sponge. Avoid using your fingers, they can carry dirt and bacteria.
  • The compact makeup powder is a product prone to acne because it prevents your skin from breathing. Instead, use loose powder after your makeup routine. It will help to fix the makeup and avoid shine without caking.
  • Take a few days free of makeup for your skin. Find some time in the week to walk without a drop of face paint, it will be healthy for your skin to have a break.

In addition to covering the tedious acne pimples, there are ways to prevent them from appearing. We are not talking about creams or tonic treatments and beauty, but about habits that are best avoided so that your skin breathes and pores are not clogged.


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