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Founded in 2013, Shimarz, which is based in USA, has come a long way from its beginnings. Starting out in the beauty accessories department, Shimarz soon came to realise that women love to buy makeup for all occasions.

Shimarz wanted to offer more to their customers, so they decided to go into the cosmetics world to offer what would become one day a makeup line called Shimarz.

During this change over, Shimarz came across a very serious topic concerning makeup. The topic was that why women in the USA & around the world are at the highest risk of breast cancer and other illnesses today. The reason is because of the high levels of cancer causing ingredients that are used in cosmetics today.

In the USA alone, there are abundant levels of cancer causing ingredients that are actually banned in Europe & other countries. Why is this you must be asking, Click the play button on the video below to find out?

Shimarz realised a problem that needed a solution. So we decided why not create healthier makeup that is more natural and minimises these cancer causing chemicals for all women. Let’s be honest, women love their makeup and cannot live without, as you are already beautiful without makeup, you will always enhance your beauty for your special occasions and daily application.

So Shimarz created a selection of the most used makeup products into a much healthier, more natural formula, staying away from these harmful ingredients that are proven to do more harm than good over time.

Taking one step more, Shimarz is a Network Business Partner with the “Campaign For Safe Cosmetics” Housed at the Breast Cancer Fund, USA, ensuring our customers that we are always continuing to improve our product formulas to contain more natural, nourishing ingredients and less of the harmful toxic stuff that are bad for you over time.

All Shimarz products do NOT contain Parabens, phthalates, Petrochemicals, Sulfates & Dyes, Just the good stuff!