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Shimarz Eyelash Curler Refill Pads - Pack Of 10 Silicone Replacements

  • CURLED EYELASHES: Enhance your eye style to look more attractive, boost your confidence and unstoppable compliments on how sexy your eyes look, or your money back.
  • ENHANCED EYE LOOK: Your eyes will say it all at work, dinner with your partner, out partying with your friends, compliments all the way that will make you feel wonderful and special when used correctly with mascara or your money back.
  • NO PINCH NO PULLING: No pain or pinch will make you curl your lashes more often, even for fun because it's so pain free or your money back.
  • REFILL PADS: Save your money and enjoy curled eyelashes for longer without spending so much money on new curlers all thanks to our super cheap refill pads with high quality.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Bad Refill Pads, Faulty Product? Let us know by email and we will send you a replacement at NO cost to you. OR if you don't like it for whatever reason, we'll refund you every penny.
  • NOW YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE: To save you even more hassle, you will NOT be required to return it back to us to get your refund. We did this to save you the stress, your precious time and extra return postage costs. let us know by email and we will refund you. This is just to say thank you for trying our Eyelash Curler Refill Pads.
  • Ready to have ENHANCED EYES that make you look more ATTRACTIVE, feel SEXY with NON STOP COMPLIMENTS, backed with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, Click the ADD TO CART BUTTON now to find out what you've been missing while stocks last. Don't order later, it will be SOLD OUT!

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